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The first trip to the funfair, long yomps in the countryside and the scent of fresh rain on a summer’s day - nostalgic and distinctive, these are just some of the aromas to be discovered in our new range of Olfactor-y Gins. This range of perfume-inspired gins truly stretches the conventions of what a gin can be and do, and they’re ready to take you on a sensory journey from the faintly familiar to a full on immersive discovery.

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Big Dipper Gin

Where sugar meet machinery.

Fairgrounds are such odd places as they’re both child-like and nostalgic but also slightly seedy and decrepit. The smell of fairgrounds carries these contradictions - sugar with machinery and dirt. All captured in this gin’s aromas.

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The Waltzer

50ml Big Dipper Gin

20ml Lemon Juice

Dash Raspberry Cordial

100ml Cream Soda

Synaesthesiast Interpretation

By Philippa Stanton


Fresh Rain Gin

It actually smells like fresh rain.

We’ve long wanted to create gin that smells of petrichor (rain landing on dried soil). Using Geosmin is very popular in the world of niche/artisanal perfumery, as you can create really weird, earthy scents that smell like digging in soil - we used a beetroot distillation which is an ideal natural source for geosmin, and has that thick, dirty sweet smell you want for rain. And for the petrichor mouthfeel we included distilled edible Bentonite clay!

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After The Rain

50ml Fresh Rain Gin

100ml Cucumber Tonic

Pinch Fresh Oregano

5 Melon Cubes

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Synaesthesiast Interpretation

By Philippa Stanton


Dead King Gin

It actually smells like a dead ph… we’re kidding.

In the 19th century how did the intelligentsia get their kicks? By getting hold of an Egyptian mummy and coming together to watch as it was unwrapped by an Egyptologist. This gin takes the aromatics used in an embalming, and which you might find in, on or around a dead pharaoh.

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The Sacred Bee

50ml Dead King Gin

15ml Lemon Juice

2tsp Lemon Curd

1tsp Orange Blossom Honey

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Synaesthesiast Interpretation

By Philippa Stanton


Beware of The Woods

Think more Big Bad Wolf rather than Three Little Pigs.

Some of our favourite perfumes smell like going deep into the primordial forest. They smell like Big Bad Wolves. Lots of them blend the unlit cool of the coniferous, with a beam of amber-y warmth from where the sun just gets in.

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Dark Woods Negroni

25ml Beware of the Woods Gin

15ml Campari

35ml Sweet Rooibos Tea

1 Orange Wedge or Zest

Beware of the Woods by Philippa Stanton

Synaesthesiast Interpretation

By Philippa Stanton