Proper Pink Gin

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Proper Pink Gin - 70cl.jpg
Proper Pink Gin - 70cl (1).jpg
Proper Pink Gin - 70cl.jpg

Proper Pink Gin


Style: Gin

ABV: 46%

RRP: £29.95

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Proper Pink Gin - Pink Gin Made Proper

Before we go any further, we love fruit-y gins. Delicious-y juicy stuff that just screams summer, parties and summer parties. We’ve created a few fruit-y, kinda pink-y looking gins in our time, take Rhubarb Gin, Cherry Gin and Strawberry & Balsamico. But, we didn’t call them “Pink Gin” because… well, that wouldn’t make them proper!

Almost all pink gins available nowadays are actually flavoured gins using berries, rose petals or other pink-y things to make their gin pink. They might taste delicious-y but, the good people should definitely be informed that these pink gins are not proper.


We fully understand the devastation this groundbreaking revelation might cause the good people, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to inform the nations and give them the tools to ensure they can distinguish between the fruit-y gins hiding behind the Pink Gin label and the Proper Pink Gin, the one made proper.

When in doubt #thinkproperpink and know if your pink gin is proper!

And while you’re at it, blow a raspberry at the rest.

What makes a pink gin proper?

A Proper Pink Gin is made using a top notch quality gin infused with Angostura Bitters (a dark red bitters that gives the drink it’s pink-yness). It was all the rage in the mid-20th century, with more pop culture references than you can shake a stick at. From movies like Perfect Strangers to TV shows like Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

But its true origin is said to hail from the 1800’s; the brainchild of the British Royal Navy. Bitters were widely used to treat sea sickness but, it wasn’t going down too well among the troops. So, they had an idea that we can totally get on board with - add gin.

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