Green Citrus Gin

Green Citrus Gin - Gin Eva - Batch 1.jpg
Green Citrus Gin - Gin Eva - Batch 1.jpg

Green Citrus Gin


Distillery/Brand: Gin Eva Distillery

Style: London Dry Gin

ABV: 46%

RRP: £34.95

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Green Citrus London Dry Gin

The Gin

Seriously citrus and botanically brilliant, Green Citrus Gin boasts fruits from the hills of Llucmajor. The green citrus we're talking about isn't your typical lime-y friend, instead Gin Eva harvests green oranges for their sweet bitterness and uses the mandarin leaves too. 

The Label

It could be sunset or sunrise. The distiller and friendly green giant, Stefan, walks amongst Llucmajor hills wearing a caesar-esque crown of citrus leaves. To his left, run lines of orange trees and to his right, row upon row of lemon trees.

The Experience

Nose - Citrus-y goodness: green, fresh and vivacious
Palate - Instantly floral and fresh. A beautiful synergy between orange and lemon, accompanied by leafy and floral flavours. 
Finish - A leafy note that lingers with a dash of chocolate and coriander. Go on, have another sip.

The Glass

In a Gin Tonica - plenty of ice, a garnish of lime peel and a single bay leaf.