• Back Room Bar (map)
  • 148B Old Park Lane
  • London, England, W1K 1QY
  • United Kingdom

A quiet day at TBGC HQ was interrupted briefly by the sound of the superstrings that hold together the universe being torn apart by none other than James Goggin, Maverick Drinks ambassador. He stepped out of his quantum timespace rift, took off a snazzy pair of (presumably protective) sunglasses and asked if we wanted some of our gins to feature in a History of Gin tasting he was hosting at London's Back Room Bar on the 8th of February. We were about to say "Yeah, sure!", but he had already grabbed a few bottles and was heading back into the rift, as if he knew we were going to agree already. You should probably turn up to the tasting and see what else he knows. Tickets are £30, and you can get you hands on them at the link below.