Get the Swedish Spirit - New TBGC from Hernö - Europe’s Most Awarded Gin

Hernö gin is made in the tiny hamlet of Dala; not many settlements can boast just four houses and a world-renowned gin distillery! Dala is just north of the island town of Malmö in central Sweden.

Hernö Gin was started by ginsmith, Jon Hillgren, in 2011 and has since won a plethora of awards: from a hoard of gold medals to the IWSC’s World Best Gin & Tonic, World’s Best Contemporary Gin, and, last year, World’s Best Gin Producer.

One of the award winners was Hernö Juniper Cask, a unique and quirky gin that's aged in casks made not from oak, but from juniper wood. The wood (juniperus occidentalis) has to be specially imported from the USA and is then turned into Ankare barrels by a local cooper. The wood adds indulgent, resinous wood notes to the gin, as well as turning it a light straw-gold in colour.

Batch 1 of That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Hernö Gin takes inspiration from their Juniper Cask Gin by first aging some neutral spirit - the base spirit used for their gin - in a juniper cask. The botanical mix of Batch 1 is similar to that of Hernö Swedish Excellence Gin, but the meadowsweet and lingonberries have been dialed down and a new floral flourish added to the mix with the use of dried rose petals. The rose petals have a pinkish-purple hue and are added straight to the pot still just before it is fired up - who says you can't distill rose, ey?

Once the distillation run is complete, a little of the juniper cask neutral spirit is blended in, adding texture and a cosy finish of woody pine.

The gin label shows friends and colleagues, Jon Hillgren and David T Smith, in a heated exchange over the best use for some freshly harvested juniper wood: Jon wants it to feed the fire under the still, whilst DTS is interested in making another barrel. The onlooker in the background is impartial in the debate, happy to sip on a garishly-coloured cocktail and remain, as ever, Pontius Partridge.

Herno B1.jpg
Herno B1_label.jpg

Tasting notes
Nose: A bouquet of rose and pine blossom honey bursts forth from the glass.
Taste: A luxurious, silky-smooth texture. Turkish delight, juniper jell, fresh berries and cream.
Finish: Freshly cracked black pepper.


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